Here you can find all of our Terms and Conditions regarding products and services purchased from Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd.

We recommend that you please take the time to read these at your leisure, to ensure that no unexpected issues will arise.


All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quote received, unless we agree otherwise. We guarantee that our quote is competitive and that our work and workmanship will be carried out to a high standard for the price quoted, there are no hidden charges.

Quotes are based on the free measuring service carried out by an experienced professional. All areas are measured to be the most economical for the customer and avoiding the necessity of joins where possible. If the client has any special requirements regarding the way the carpet is to be measured and ultimately fitted, these should be raised prior to the quote being accepted.

On acceptance of this quote you agree to our payment terms, in which a 50% deposit is required immediately to confirm your order. Once your deposit has been paid, all required materials will be ordered to complete your job. If the value of your job is under £500 the full amount is payable in full to confirm your order.

Upon acceptance of your quote, please contact the showroom to arrange fitting dates at your earliest convenience.

Final Payment

On completion of the work stated above, the outstanding balance may be settled immediately or within 7 days. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any credit facilities. Until payment is made in full, all materials supplied remain the property of Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd.

If you fail to pay us on agreed date we may;
a. Charge you interest at the rate set under S.6 of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (interest) Act 1999.
b. Calculated (on a daily basis) from the date of our invoice until payment.
c. Compounded on the first day of each month.
d. Before and after judgement (unless a court orders otherwise).
e. Claim fixed sum compensation from you under S.5A of that Act to cover our credit control overhead cost.
f. Recover (under clause 5.8) the cost of taking legal action in order to receive payment.
For any queries or disputes regarding payment, these must be brought to our attention within 48 hours of receiving the Final Payment invoice.

Fitting Dates

Any multi stage jobs will have fitting dates agreed along with payment terms prior to us starting the job. .

Once a fitting date/s has been arranged it is entered into our calendar and the fitter is booked. If for some reason you would like to change this date we ask that you give us a minimum of 72 hours’ notice, this then gives us the opportunity to fill the date/s allocated. If less than 72 hours’ notice is given, this may incur a charge of up to £250 per day (dependent on job size and value) which will be invoiced separately along with the final invoice.

Appointments – Fitting appointments are made in good faith but the exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival, but you can be assured that the fitters will attempt complete your work even if it exceeds the expected time allocation. In the unusual event of the fitter being unable to work on the day of fitting unexpectedly, all efforts will be made to ensure the work is carried out as soon as it is physically able. Carpet Corner Ltd is not liable for any loss of earnings or costs incurred to the client for time off work.


Once you have accepted your quote, deposits have been paid and fitting dates confirmed, they are entered into our calendar. If you want to cancel the job we require 72 hours’ notice prior to the agreed fitting date/s, If less than 72 hours’ notice is given, this will incur a charge of up to £250 per day (Based on 8 hr working day) which will be invoiced separately or deducted from the deposit paid.

As goods are non-returnable, any cancellation within 72 hours will result in the deposit being taken as part payment. All deposits are non-refundable where the goods have been dispatched or cut.

Site Conditions

All flooring must always be fitted in an ambient temperature that the room/ area will be during normal circumstances.

If upon arriving on the agreed fitting dates, the work cannot commence due to reasons out of our control, or site condition doesn’t comply within manufacturer fitting guidelines meaning work cannot take place, there may be a charge for wasted time and your job will be moved to the next available fitting date.

 Job Completion

On completion of floor installation the Client or site representative will that they are happy to accept completion in the form of signing a completion sheet.
a. If approved, you are agreeing to the satisfaction of work completed.
b. If there are any disputes with the work carried out the work must not be approved.
c. Approval is at client’s discretion. Any damages or marks found in the floor that have been caused by the Fitter will only be rectified if pointed out to the fitter before the client has approved the work, any damages noticed after this time i.e. the following day, will be assumed to be the fault of the client and will not be rectified.

Complaints Policy

We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where our customers may not be completely satisfied.
As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards.
In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible. Either call us on 01722569675 or email us at

We aim to respond within 48 hours of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised.


Unforeseen Variations

Any unexpected variations that are not covered in the job (or could not of been allowed for upon the original site visit) that require extra work that is not covered above, will be subject to an extra charge agreed between the consumer and Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd.

The problem will immediately be drawn to your attention and explained.
We will give you the required advice and prices for any extra work and we will not proceed until you confirm you’re happy.

Please Note: This situation usually only ever arises to do with sub-floor issues that would of been unforeseeable upon site visit due old flooring being down. Uplift of old floor coverings can be surprisingly difficult and only become apparent on commencement. On occasion the sub floor can be damaged when removing the old flooring and this then may require some floor preparation.


Furniture Move

If you cannot empty the rooms prior to our arrival we are more than happy to move the large items for you but there unfortunately is small charge for this as it does take time. All we require is that all smaller items are removed along with any breakables or personal belongings beforehand.

Terms & Conditions of “Furniture/ appliances Move Service”

* All Personal belongings & breakables should be moved prior to our arrival.
* All TV/ entertainment systems should be unplugged and wires disconnected if required to be easily moved.
* All bedding/ cushions to be removed from beds. (head boards to be removed also)
*Any cupboards agreed to be fitted with new flooring should be emptied.
*All clutter to be cleared prior to our arrival, We move the larger heavy items for you only.
* Standard £20 charge per room is for up to 4 large items only – excessive cases will be chargeable.
*Pianos are subject to extra charge.
*Appliances £10 per item (These should be unplumbed prior to our arrival)

If not selected the rooms should be empty prior to our arrival, Failure to do so, may stop your job from being completed

Uplift of old flooring.

It is the customer’s responsibility to remove old flooring prior to the fitters arrival unless previously agreed otherwise. As the old flooring does not belong to Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd it becomes chargeable commercial waste. Charges for uplift and disposal are to be agreed with the shop beforehand depending on amount and ease of uplift. Heavily soiled or moth contaminated flooring will most likely be refused.

Pipes and Nailing of Gripper

Any gas/water pipes or wiring should be at least 2 inches under the surface. If we are not advised of any installation less than 2 inches under the surface, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during fixing of the gripper and door thresholds. We must be advised of any hidden wires which maybe on top of the surface underneath present floor coverings.


If we have to get a very large piece of carpet into or through a narrow space or around tight corners, the carpet will sometimes brush paintwork and wallpaper. We will always be as careful as humanly possible, but if damage does occur due to the nature of access, we cannot be responsible for the cost of re-decoration. Similarly, during fitting of floor-coverings we have to force the materials between skirting and gripper using a bolster to ensure a neat finish, if paint has not been prepared correctly it may flake off. This most commonly occurs if the surface has not been sanded between coats. Also gloss paint maybe soft for up to several weeks after painting and may therefore be damaged. Every care will be taken but we cannot be held responsible for the cost of re-decoration should damage occur due to poor preparation.

Floating Floor Installations

If you choose to have a floating floor installation with any type of hard flooring such as Laminate or Engineered/Real wood flooring which is laid on an underlay – You are accepting that there will be an element of Flex/Cushioned feel/bounce when walking over this. It will not feel completely solid under foot. If you require this feeling then it must be fully adhered when possible or further sub-floor Preparation may be required as a result to ensure the sub floor is as smooth and flat as possible.

Sub floor preparation

With all Wood, Laminate & vinyl flooring on concrete sub floors we would always recommend a layer of smoothing compound to ensure the final underfoot feel is the best possible. This does come as an extra cost and sometimes isn’t always mandatory and even though your new flooring can still feel great without this we have to offer it. If this service isn’t optional on your quotation then we deem the job should not be done without this to provide the correct standard expected.

If the service is *Optional* on your Estimate and you wish to proceed without selecting this service you relieve Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd of any liability to the underfoot feeling of your new flooring. Any Flex/Cushioned feel or bounce in your new flooring due to undulations in the sub floor that could of been removed with the smoothing compound service will not be the responsibility of Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd

Doors, Banisters, Skirting, Kickboards and Architraves 

All Doors, Banisters, Skirting, Kickboards and Architraves are to be in the correct position before we arrive unless it does not affect the fitting of your new flooring (eg. will be going on top of your new flooring) We cannot be held responsible for anything not mentioned to us and noted clearly prior to installation.

Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance. This is not part of the standard fitting charge unless agreed in advance. Fitters may remove doors to facilitate fitting and have them ready for you or your appointed carpenter to carry out the trimming and re-hanging.

If requested, the fitter will attempt to trim a door (for a small charge) using his door saw but will not accept liability for damage that may be caused by this. It is advised with certain doors that a professional makes the adjustments where required.

Samples / Colours.

All samples are designed as a guide to colours and quality. Variations will occur within a commercial tolerance. Roll widths are subject to tolerance of + or -1.25%

While every effort is made to ensure satisfaction, exact colour/design matching cannot be guaranteed between widths of carpet, due to manufacturing tolerances over which we have no control. Neither can exact matching be guaranteed between carpet supplied and the sample
displayed in the store.

Carpet shading/ Pile Reversal

Shading/ Pile Reversal. All pile carpets will tread down with traffic. This may result in shading, i.e. to show light and dark patches, this is a natural effect. Light colours will soil and all carpets will fade over time. These tendencies are inherent in all pile fabrics and will not be considered as faults.

Pole lines

Carpet is transported using cardboard tubes and these can sometimes leave ‘pole lines’ where the pile has been temporarily crushed during transportation. These harmless lines are a common phenomenon and should disappear within a short period of time after some vacuuming. Manufacturers expect a reasonable time of 3 months for these to disappear.


Carpet Corner (Salisbury) Ltd will accurately measure and quote based on the most economical method of installation avoiding joins where possible. If you require any flooring installed in a specific way, it is your responsibility to notify us before accepting any quote. Plain colour carpets will be fitted in the most economical way regardless of pile direction unless you state otherwise.

Supply of Materials Only Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment Terms – This Quote is valid for 30 days from the date stated on your quote.
    On acceptance of this Supply only quote you agree to our payment terms in which 100% is required before any materials are supplied or ordered. Payments can be made Via Bacs, Card payment in the shop or over the phone, Cash, & Cheque (although nothing will be ordered until this has cleared).
  2. Delivery -Upon your materials arriving with us we will contact you to let you know they area here and materials must be collected within 3 days. We do not deliver materials unless arranged with us and this will be chargeable.
  3. Technical Info – For any materials ordered we can supply you with any technical data sheets provided by the manufacturer along with any specific installation guidelines to ensure your flooring is fitted to the correct standards.
  4. Wastage Allowances – Upon agreeing the amount of flooring quoted for above, if you have any leftover boxes/ items of flooring these are NON Returnable. So please only order what you need as we cannot accept returns as our suppliers do not accept returns
    –  On all Wood/ tile products where cutting waste is required it is standard practice to allow 7-10% but this is often determined by how the pack sizes work out also
    – Carpets – Please be aware that most carpets only come in 4 & 5m widths
    – Vinyl Sheet flooring – These come in 2m,3m and 4m widths
  5. Site Conditions – Your new flooring should always be fitted in an ambient temperature that the room/ area will normally be used at in the future.
  6. Guarantee – All products supplied come with a standard manufacturers guarantee however Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd offer no guarantee to anything that isn’t fitted by ourselves with regards to failures of your floor down to installation error.

Customer’s Measurements

Carpet Corner Salisbury Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for difficulties arising from incorrect measurements given by customers.

The company reserves the rights to change these Terms and Conditions from time to time